“I don’t feel well,” my niece told me on the phone. Within 24 hours, she was tested for Covid and put into isolation. “I’m struggling,” she continued, “I think I might have covid and cannot leave home for food or toiletries. Can you help Aunty Loraine?”
My heart dropped. “Yes, of course, beautiful.”
But, it’s not that easy. She lives on the other side of the world and I cannot drive there to drop off essentials at the door, let alone get on a plane when the borders are shut.

Starting her first term at University has had all the usual anxieties, concerns and change. Add a year of Covid restrictions on top, and there comes a breaking point. This was it.
It’s been a tough year for all the teens throughout the world who finished their final year of school in 2020, who never got to say goodbye to friends, who experienced the disruption of final exams and University entrance tests, who have been isolated from friends and the mental health and well-being of millions of teens has been impacted.

After a moment of silence, while I thought about how I could help her the best, I said, “Let’s make a list,” and together we worked out a plan. Within an hour, a parcel of food was on the way, her favourite chocolates had been ordered in a abundance (sugar free, vegan of course) and a few toilet rolls and lush bath bombs were added to the mix.

“Now for the magic bit, “ I went on. “For this let’s switch to FaceTime.”
Again, my heart dropped. I could see she wasn’t well and desperately wanted to get on that plane and go look after her.

The beauty of natural therapies, particularly yoga therapy and whole food used as medicine, is that it works fast. It’s the most effective system of healing I’ve ever experienced and I knew it would work for my niece too.

We got on the floor and I showed her 10 Yoga therapy exercises, that would help boost her immune system, get rid of the chesty cough and eliminate the onset of flu-like symptoms. After 15 minutes, she was feeling some relief. I could see it in her face.

Technology has been a lifeline during this year. It’s been the sole method to connect for families and friends all over the world.
“Let’s go make some soup and ginger tea,” I suggested. She came with me into the kitchen, so I could explain how to make a miso soup with the food when it arrived. Miso has digestive and immune boosting properties. Next we made a cup of ginger tea together. Ginger helps to clear out the lungs and soothes the lungs and throat from coughing.

After the cup of ginger tea, colour started to come back to her cheeks and we laughed a little.

Saying goodbye is never easy on the phone when a loved one is feeling unwell. It’s especially hard when they are feeling alone. But I knew she’d be feeling much better the next day.

3 days later, I got a message, saying she was feeling good again and symptom free.

If you know someone who is suffering from Covid19. Or who has a Cough, Cold, Flu, loss of taste & smell, then the Yoga Therapy exercises will help them too.
It’s best to do all 10 exercises everyday for 10 days if the symptoms keep persisting, but relief will come quicker.

For a full demonstration and to do them with me, click here: Yogatherapyforcovid

Hope they help you, a friend or family member too.