Imagine waking up 12 days before Christmas to a line of presents under the tree, each one labelled with a number on which day it is to be opened. What excitement! And imagine if the gift was something long-lasting, a gift that can impact not just for the holiday season, but for years to come.

That’s where the spirit of Christmas and yoga combine. Christmas can be the impetus to introducing a practice of yoga to your children that will gift them benefits that extend far beyond the physical and will help them for years to come.

Everyday for the next 12 days, gift a present that you can all enjoy together, that will bring you greater connection with each other and lead to a joyful, happy, calm and connected holiday season.

Here are my  top 12 Days of Christmas Yoga Gift ideas:

1.A Yoga Story Book

Babar’s yoga for elephants by Laurent de Brunhoff is a particularly cute one.

2. Host A Christmas Yoga Party

What fun! Who wouldn’t want to come to this! Teach a short sequence using a story and then have everyone lie down next to the tree for some deep belly breathing to smell the delicious scent of Christmas.

3.A Mandala Colouring Book

All children, teens and even adults love to colour in. What is so special about mandalas is that it helps to create single pointed focus and develops concentration. A perfect moment of peace amongst the Christmas madness.

Check out for a multitude of choices.

4. Read a Guided Relaxation.

Go somewhere special, to the beach or the garden. Have your child lie on their back, while you read a visualisation and take them on a peaceful journey inside. For ready to download visualisations, visit:

5. Make a Yoga Christmas Tree Ornament

We often do this in the final yoga class of the year as a special gift for the kids to take home. Draw your favourite pose on an ornament to hang on the tree for a personal touch.

6. Play The Yoga Reindeer Games

In preparation for their big night ahead, the reindeers warm up by assuming Down Dog.  Have them run sideways to one end of the room and back. You can make this a team game If you have a few children.

7. A Deck of Yoga Cards

8. The Christmas Story

Use your deck of cards to make up a Christmas story using the poses.

9. Learn to teach yoga to children

Go to for a free audio download on my top ten tips for teaching yoga to children, or better still attend a teacher training course. These can be attended in person or online.

10. Do an anonymous good deed

In the spirit of Christmas, teach children the joy of giving to others.

11. Gratitude Cards

With the excitement and overwhelm of the holiday season, the perfect gift for yourself and your children could be to spend a moment thinking of all the things you are grateful for. You could choose people who you are grateful for and write them a little thank you card letting me know how much you appreciate them.

12. Rename 5 yoga poses with Christmas names i.e. Tree pose could be Christmas Tree Pose or Triangle Pose could be Snow Angel. If you feel creative, sequence them into a Christmas story or a song.

Hope you have fun doing one thing everyday that brings more presence, connection and wonder. It’s the little moments everyday that bring long lasting change.

Merry Christmas,

Loraine x