Do any of you feel tired, sore or achey after a day of teaching kids yoga? How many of you would like to have more energy at the end of a week’s teaching than when you started?

This question was asked by a graduate last week and it’s such a good question:

“I’m teaching around 4-5hours of kids yoga a day, four days a week and at the end of the day my whole body is aching. My legs and back especially. I do back releases at the end of the day and practice my own yoga at the start of the day but I was wondering if anyone else feels like this?”

What advice would you suggest?

The mind naturally wants to resolve the aches — hot baths, ginger baths, vitamins, essential oils.
But that is not solving the problem for the next day or next week or next year and very soon, this awesome teacher, (or yourself) will burn out and lose your joy for teaching.

So, how can we teach 25 classes a week, maintain our health and end the week with more energy than when we began?

Here are my 5 Top Tips.

Tip 1
Manage the energy of the room.
The more you are in control of the energy of the room, the more control you have. I talk of it like being a conductor in the Mastery course — of how to get attention and hold it for the entire class. Once you have all eyes on you, the next step is to learn how to keep that attention and direct it to fun, calm, focussed or wherever you want to take them. Being in control of the energy of the room is a skill we practice at the Zenergy courses, for it will help you to sail effortlessly through an entire teaching day.

Tip 2
Learn to teach from standing.
The more you teach without doing the poses, the more you look after your body. In the Advanced and Mastery courses we practice this as it is a skill that will have you teaching 25-30 classes a week until you are in your 90s without ever complaining of a sore back or knees.

Tip 3
Use your teaching skills, not your energy to keep the kids engaged.
You have probably heard me say this in the Advanced course over and over: The HOW is more important than the WHAT when teaching children.
Many classes for kids are high energy, crazy, busy and fun. Many teachers think that in order to keep the children’s attention, they have to maintain this high energy throughout the class and end up exhausted by the end.
It’s important to up-skill yourself as a teacher, so you use your engaging skills: body language, voice and movement. These skills will keep the kids and teens enthralled without you depleting your energy or voice. This is a critically important part of the curriculum at the Advanced course.

Tip 4
Always include a relaxation / meditation/mindfulness exercise.
This is not only an essential part of the class structure, but your moment to sit still, calm your energy and take a pause.

Tip 5
Nourish yourself, eat well, sleep well, commit to a daily practice and do something from your happy list every week. Your health and well-being is the foundation for having a thriving, successful business. If you don’t look after yourself, you won’t have the reserves to impact all those little lives in your classes who need you the most.

Hope you find these useful and looking forward to seeing you soon at one of the upcoming courses.