It’s Christmas week and in my house, that usually means the 12 days of Christmas have begun!!!! – Yes, that’s right, 12 days of presents all the way up to Christmas and beyond. Everyday, there’s a box under the tree with a number on it to open; some big, some little, some fun and some fabulous. Every single one has been carefully thought out, planned and has meaning. Some make you smile, or squeal and do laps around the room, some make you laugh so hard you roll on the floor and some melt your heart.
At the end of the 12 days, it’s not the presents you remember as much as how you felt opening them and the feeling of love, connection and gratitude that someone took the time to prepare such a treat, someone who knows you better than yourself.
A child’s sense of self and self esteem is built by the presence they are given from a young age. This could be those closest to them, or an important person in their life, like a teacher.
If you have a child in your life this Christmas (or an adult who needs some fun, love, laughter and connection) please enjoy our Christmas Yoga Class (below) themed with yoga therapy moves to make sure you all have a happy and healthy Christmas together.
Merry Christmas,

The Perfect Christmas Tree : Lesson Plan for Kids
1. Start by sitting upright, legs out in front as you all get into the car.
2. Put on your seat belt: Seated twist.
3. Test the pedals: Point/Flex feet.
4. Grab your imaginary steering wheel and move forwards as you set off down the road: Bottom walk forwards to the end of the mat and back.
5. Lean back slowly: to reverse into the car space at the Christmas tree farm. Lying all the way down on to your back.
6. Stretch arms out to the sides and bend knees. Drop knees side to side as you follow the winding path through the forest.
7. Go over the bridge. I wonder who is living below? Baby Bridge.
8. Quick, there is a fox scurrying back to its den: Down Dog.
9. Can you hear the owl? Let’s follow the sound. Maybe it will lead us to the perfect tree: Crow Pose.
10. You look around you in the forest and suddenly you see it, the most perfect Christmas tree: Tree Pose
11. Place your tree on the sledge and glide back through the forest and home. Superman Pose.
12. It’s time to decorate your tree. Stay on the belly, lifting opposite arm and leg. Make sure you get to every branch: put on the lights, ornaments, tinsel, garland.
13. Stretch up to reach the highest branches: Cobra.
14. Make sure to decorate every side: Cobra twist, looking right and left.
15. Lastly, it’s time for the star! On back, hands behind the head and soles of feet together. Exhale, lift hips.
16. Lie back and admire your beautiful Christmas tree: Savasana.