Do you want to be one of the elite teachers out there? Do you want to develop a ‘presence’ that fills the room and has you in control from the moment you step into your class? Come learn the skills that will make you inspirational, engaging, powerful and fun. You will learn to captivate children and teens of all ages and how to deliver classes that really work.

Learn to captivate, connect and command your classes

  • Give clear instructions that work
  • Manage attention spans and keep students with you the entire class
  • How to deal with the most frequent classroom problems
  • Alter instructions and language for the different age groups
  • Adapt your classes to suit Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learners
  • Use effective body language
  • Transition smoothly from pose to pose and section to section
  • Be a captivating teacher for all age groups
  • Teach with energy and enthusiasm
  • Use your voice as a tool of engagement
  • Vary class pace to manage behaviour
  • Teach while standing without having to demonstrate all the poses
  • Incorporate encouragement and praise throughout your lesson
  • Generate the ability to teach 20+ classes per week and still be full of energy, excitement and enthusiasm!

Completion of Foundation Course, Advanced Course and the Approval of Loraine Rushton of your Registration.



The Mastery course is for those who want to take their teaching abilities to the level of greatness. It is for you if you want to learn and develop the skills, behaviours and practices of master level teachers. It is for those who want to develop a powerful presence and self-assuredness while being engaging, meaningful and fun. It is for those who want to set themselves apart from the other teachers out there and be in high demand for the delivery of their yoga classes, courses, and lessons.


SYDNEY: Invitations Open

June 4-6 2021: 1 SPOT LEFT


Full price: $995
Deposit: $450



In this special and limited 3 day course, you will learn to:

  • Identify and eliminate the barriers that stop you from being the best you can be
  • Command the classroom
  • Receive personal feedback on your Rules, Warm-up, How to teach Asana, How to Educate, Breathing, Relaxation and Personal Development sections of your class
  • Break through your limits and boundaries on a personal level and as a children’s yoga teacher
  • Bring out, get in touch with and be your true authentic self when teaching

“It was mind blowing! So much more than I’d ever expected! You both are so supportive and push just the right amount to take us out of our comfort zones to highs that originally seemed unattainable. Thank you for your support and encouragement. This weekend has definitely been a turning point in my personal and professional development!”

– Ange McQuie

“The Mastery course took me to a whole new level. The course broke through walls I put up around myself, stopping me from teaching that way I should be doing.”

Linda Booth

“Mastery course delivered far more than I ever expected on a professional level. This is the course that sets you apart from the mediocre, sets you apart from the ordinary.”

Carmel Taylor

“For years I have dreamed about teaching yoga but never had the confidence in myself to do it. WOW. This course 100% got me over that line! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Nicole Swinton

“This course is powerful. It enlightens you to the strength and qualities you already have within yourself but haven’t been using. What a weekend of overwhelming discovery. Not to mention it’s jam packed with useful skills and tricks that are SO useful! I am transformed not only in my future teaching but in my way of thinking in life.”

Lydia Shortt