Do you want to impact little lives through yoga? Are you passionate about helping children become the best versions of themselves? Do you want to share all the benefits you’ve received from your yoga practice with children and teens?
Well you can, and it will be one of the most profoundly uplifting, deeply fulfilling and fun journeys. Follow these recommended steps below on what you need to know to help you get started.

Welcome to the seventh tip in this blog series on how to get started as a children’s yoga teacher.
I hope you find it useful on your journey to being the best children’s yoga teacher you can be.

Step 1: Get Training
Complete the Foundation Teacher Training Course in how to teach yoga to children and teens. If you would like to teach your own kids, friends or family and small groups and you are confident with how to manage attention spans, how to deliver the class, how to plan classes and how to manage behaviour, then this will be enough training for you.
If you want to teach in schools, day care centres, early childhood centres, yoga studios, gyms, community halls and have groups larger than 10, then you will require additional training. Complete the Advanced Teacher Training Course which will equip you to do this.
Completion of these two courses meet Yoga Australia standards to be a children’s yoga teacher.
For additional content for your classes and how to specifically help children and teens dealing with physical, mental and emotional issues, then continue with the Yoga Therapy Course 1 which will show you how to help with the Top 10 Issues Children and Teens are dealing with today.
Lastly, you want to learn how to help children with Special Needs, Disability, Mental Health Issues, then I also recommend additional specialised training and the Yoga Therapy Course 2 is for you.

Step 2. Current First Aid Certificate
This is a requirement for insurance and there are many providers to choose from. Look for a local course with great feedback. Remember to ask questions relating to children, centres and schools for extra help during the course.

Step 3. Get Insurance
Once you have your Children’s Yoga Certificate, you can get insurance and you want to have this before you start teaching kids. All schools and hired halls will ask you for a copy.
There are many different providers, so ask one of the Zenergy graduates on our community boards who they prefer.
If you already have insurance for another modality, it may be as simple as calling your insurance company and asking them to add yoga onto the policy.

Step 3. Get a Working With Children’s Check/Card
How to do this varies from state to state. In some states this is obtained through the RTA, in other states it will be through the police station.

To help get you started on the path of becoming an impactful, fun and successful children and teens yoga teacher, apply now for $100 discount off upcoming Foundation Courses.