Is it time you turned what you love doing into a profitable and rewarding business? Do you want to have a business that makes a difference and provides you the living and lifestyle that you want?

The most common question from Zenergy graduates is how do I take what I know and grow a business. Once you have learned how to teach classes to kids and teens, the next stage is how to package, market and fill your classes, how to approach schools, develop programmes and what to charge.

Welcome to the final tip in this blog series on how to get started as a children’s yoga teacher.

I hope you find it useful on your journey to being the best children’s yoga teacher you can be.

There are 3 steps to creating a successful business. There is the business side where it is important to learn good business skills, such as marketing strategies, business planning, packaging your product, selling and advertising.

There is an even greater side to creating a business and that is what I call the personal development side. It is the messages that we tell ourselves every day, whether we think we will succeed or not, how we handle knock backs and our belief in ourselves that determines whether the business will succeed or not. Henry Ford said it perfectly, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” You may have all the best business knowledge in the world, but if you don’t think you will be able to fill classes, have schools say yes, or make an abundant living from yoga, then it will crush any chance you have of succeeding. Having the right mindset makes the difference between whether you will take action or not, whether you will pick up a phone to make calls to schools or ask for payment for your teaching time.

A tennis study is the perfect example. A group of tennis players were told that a professional tennis player was going to serve at them and all they had to do was to return the serve. If the players thought they had a chance of returning the serve, they had a 50% success rate. If the players thought they couldn’t, 80% of the time they never moved or tried. The thoughts you have about yourself impact more than you think when it comes to business and success.

Lastly, one of the keys that all successful business people invest in is a mentor: someone to hold them accountable, someone who believes in them, who can help set goals and targets and make sure they are achieved. This will impact how quickly you build your business and perhaps how quickly you can switch from the office job to be teaching kids yoga full time. It’s always better to invest in a mentor who has walked the path before, rather than spend 20 years trying to figure it out on your own.

Class pricing and packaging is the easy part. Find out what other people are charging in your area for classes or similar sport programmes as a starting point and depending on the activity, you can price your classes at the same rate or a little higher.

Filling your classes and getting into schools takes more strategy, knowledge and training. There is no quick answer on how to do this. We spend 4 days in the Zenergy Business Leadership Programme on how to do this and once you know how, the results flood in. One of this year’s graduates has 50 classes booked for next school term (and she hasn’t taught yoga in schools before). Tammy, from SA told us, “I had an entire term of classes booked in term 3 ranging from a whole school of R to 7s, 2 kindy sessions, weekly teen, family and adults classes. I had booked 3 kindys for term 4 before the term started, 6 sessions a week for 6 to 8 weeks. I have 4 kindy sessions booked for Term 1 2018.”

You can have this too.

If your purpose and passion is to impact thousands of lives through yoga, you want to quit your job and be a children’s yoga teacher and take what you have learned in your yoga classes out into the world, while having a profitable income, then learning business skills and having a mentor is key. Choose someone who has the knowledge in how to build a business, who believes in you, who is as invested and excited about you creating the business of your dreams and has knowledge in running studios or getting into schools.

To help, support and guide you in all these areas, in response to all the hundreds of requests and to provide you with the answers, mentoring and step by step guidance, we have created the Zenergy Business Leadership Program (ZLP.)

I’d love you to join us in person or virtually at our next course. Get in touch to find out when our next course will be.