The highlight for children and teens all over the world at this time of the year, is Halloween!

Even my 18-year-old niece still wants to get dressed up and go ‘trick or treating (and I wish I could join her too J.)

But for many thousands, Halloween won’t be happening this year. What’s the next best thing? A Haunted House Yoga Experience!

For all those children who LOVE the excitement, anticipation, thrill and preparations for Halloween, take them on this Yoga Journey. It’s filled with imagination, engagement and connection. You can do it in person, or virtually. I’ll be zooming into the UK to teach a house full of teen college students this week.

To go beyond the general game-based kids yoga classes, we have included yoga therapy exercises for digestive systems and to clean out any excess sweets and treats, so you can all enjoy a Happy Healthy Halloween.

Haunted House Yoga Lesson Plan

  1. Start from lying on the back, taking a few deep breaths.
  2. Imagine waking up and you find yourself in a Haunted House. Stretch the right arm and the right leg. Stretch the left arm and left leg.
  3. Slowly walk down the corridor, keeping your arms tucked in by your sides. Being careful not to wake the werewolf. Alternate leg lifts.
  4. Quick, a bat flies at your head. Kick it away with your foot. Take the arms out to the sides, palms pushing down. Lift one leg, toes flexed. Exhale swing the leg across the body and out to the side x 10. Switch legs.
  5. Watch out, here comes a spider. Bend your knees, hold your ankles. Exhale lift the hips up, Inhale down. Did you miss it? Oh No! There’s a whole bunch of spiders. Quick, let’s mush them! Exhale lift hips, Inhale lower. Faster x 10.
  6. Phew, rock and roll to come up to sitting.
  7. Open the creaky door. Hold onto one foot and extend the foot up in half boat. Then the other foot. Then both feet.
  8. What’s that? Is it a werewolf? Duck! Forward bend.
  9. Let’s hide under the table. Downward facing Dog.
  10. Peak up to see if they have gone. Up Dog. Look right and left.
  11. Let’s get out of here. Come back into Down dog and walk feet forward to stand.
  12. The floorboards are creaky. Come onto tiptoes. Lift arms to the ceiling. Balance.
  13. Ewww! What’s that mushy sticky stuff on the floor? Lift one knee high to chest at a time x 10.
  14. Game: Stuck in the Haunted House. Depending on the size of the group, have one or two people to be the werewolves. They are on their hands and knees. Everyone else walks around the room on tip toes. If they get tagged by the werewolf, they come into down dog and hold, until someone releases them by crawling underneath.
  15. Come back to lying on the floor, crawl onto your broomstick and fly outa there! Lift everything off the floor x 3, then hold.
  16. Savasana. Rest, relax and calm.