Foundation Course

Discover the privilege and opportunity of touching the lives and making a difference for children and teens. Attend the Zenergy Kids Teacher Training Foundation Course.

The Zenergy Methodology for teaching yoga to children and teens is the longest running, most effective, highly regarded and most credible method of teaching yoga to children and teens available today. Comprehensive and complete, it was designed and developed by international children’s yoga expert, Loraine Rushton based on over 20 years of experience and over 20,000 hours of classroom time, teaching 1,000s of children of all ages.

  • All the components that make up a great children’s yoga class (movements, specific exercises, meditations, relaxations and much much more!)
  • The skills to be a good, engaging and inspiring yoga teacher (designing, planning and structuring great classes, focusing on aims & outcomes, being flexible & adaptable, establishing boundaries and rules, adding variety, delivering with passion & enthusiasm, varying pace & tone, utilising positive reinforcement).
  • Teaching and designing classes that leave each and every child feeling happy, empowered, and believing in themselves.
  • Based on hands on, real world personal experience of over 20 years of over 20,000 hours teaching 1000’s of kids of all ages in yoga classes, schools, day care centres, special needs schools, etc.
  • In addition to learning WHAT to teach, you also learn HOW to teach. When teaching children and teens it is essential that you learn to teach in a way that is engaging, inspiring, and meaningful
  • It is the only Children/Teens TTC that incorporates the benefits of Meridian-Based Yoga Therapy in addition to traditional Asana’s and Yoga Postures
  • It ensures that the essence of yoga is kept in every class. Children’s yoga is not just about fun and games. It must make a difference and set a physical, cognitive, emotional and social foundation that lasts for life. It must be EDUCATIONAL, MEANINGFUL and FUN!
  • It is recommended by the IYTA, registered with Yoga Australia, accredited by Yoga Alliance and accredited by Fitness Australia.
  • As part of the Yoga Australia Committee on Children’s Yoga, Loraine authored the current standards and guidelines for Children/Teens Yoga. Who better to learn from than the person who wrote the standard.
  • It is easy to learn and utilise. Thousands of yoga teachers, school teachers, day care workers, parents and others are successfully teaching and utilising the Zenergy Methodology around the world.
  • The 10 Essential components for every children and teen’s yoga class
  • 100′s of classroom ideas that have been tried, tested and work!
  • Why and how teaching children’s classes are different than adults
  • How to teach a meaningful and impactful Yoga class for Teens
  • The Top 10 Warm Up routines for all ages
  • An understanding of the cognitive, emotional, and physical stages of development for children
  • The Best Breathing Practices for each age group: 3-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-17
  • How to anticipate and prevent difficult class situations before they even happen
  • How to deliver mindfulness practices and relaxations that have profound benefits for each of the age groups
  • The Top Types of Relaxations that work well for kids
  • A Zenergy For Kids Teacher Training Manual
  • An Accredited Course Completion Certificate
  • A CD of Kids Meditations
  • Loraine’s Yoga For Children DVD.
Zenergy Yoga - hear from our graduates


The Zenergy Foundation Course is for anyone who wants to make a difference for and impact the lives of children. It is for those who love working with children of any age. The course is for yoga teachers who wish to specialise in or expand their knowledge of working with children. It is for educators who want to bring yoga into their classroom. It is for parents who want to participate in yoga with their children. You will learn to bring yoga into the home, classroom, health centre, child centre, sport classes, dance studios, martial arts schools, gym, etc. If you enjoy working with kids and providing the benefits of yoga, these courses are for you.


Friday 9.00-5.00

Saturday 9.00-5.00

Sunday 9.00-4.00

Location: Virtual, Live-Streamed & Interactive

Early Bird Date: 17 July 2020

Early Bird Price: 450 Euros

Full Price: 550 Euros

Deposit required: 250 Euros

To Register, Email: :

Call: (01) 298 0300

Friday 9.00-5.00

Saturday 9.00-5.00

Sunday 9.00-4.00

Location: Virtual, Live-Streamed, Interactive

Early Bird Date: 25 September 2020

Early Bird Price: $695

Full Price: $795

Deposit required: $295



  • Define the current needs of children today and how to meet them in your yoga class
  • Show you what a Children’s Yoga class looks like
  • Train you in the Zenergy Methodology for how to teach and structure classes for 4 separate and distinct age groups, 3-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-17
  • Receive the Zenergy lesson planning model and Zenergy Template for preparing successful lesson plans for every age group. Makes your class planning easy. Just fill it in and you are ready to go
  • Be part of a network of teachers impacting every State in Australia and around the world
  • Teach you Zenergy’s top 10 tips that make a big difference for teaching yoga to children
  • Show you how to manage and deal effectively with classroom situations that arise when teaching children
  • Provide you with an international support network of thousands of like-minded Zenergy-trained teachers
  • Be an internationally accredited children’s yoga teacher
  • Online community available to all graduates to support you in being the best children’s yoga teacher you can be.
  • Whether you are just starting or an established yoga teacher, participate in the fastest growing market for yoga.

Zenergy graduates are teaching in schools, kindys, daycare centres, ELCs, yoga studios, gyms, dance studios, community halls, special schools, martial arts centres, hospital wards, adolescent mental health units, detentions centres.

“I have done many courses in kids yoga. The resources, structure, simplicity – yet wealth of information – by far the best.”

Tammy Paul

“Amazing course & Amazing, inspiring teacher. It has the perfect balance of educational theory and practical work. I am now confident to teach kids yoga classes”

Peter Miklaus

“This course has provided an amazing box of tools to allow me to confidently get started putting my own classes together. The info was delivered in such an energetic and honest manner by Loraine – inspiring. It was fantastic, well-delivered, professional, complete, fun, inspiring and creative”.

Barb Short

“An amazing foundation for practising the very best way to deliver quality classes to kids…..Inspiration, tools, strategies, along with engaging and practical activities. Huuuuuge increase in my confidence to teach.”

Fiona Collins