Is it time you turned what you love doing into a profitable and rewarding business? Do you want to have a business that makes a difference and provides you the living and lifestyle that you want? It has been said that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.


The Most Common Question From Zenergy Graduates Is How Do I Take What I Know And Grow A Business ?

Loraine constantly receives calls to be mentored on how to market, sell, price, position and package graduates’ businesses. As much as she would love to work with everyone, time just doesn’t allow for it, so in response to all the requests and to provide you with the answers, mentoring and step by step guidance to do this, we have created the Zenergy Business  Programme (ZBP.)

Though a combination of business skills, marketing strategies, and personal development, the ZBP will guide and mentor you in how to build your business.


Business Building and Marketing Essentials:

  • How to create marketing messages that engage and get a response
  • Develop a step by step plan to reach your business sales goals
  • Learn the 5 key ingredients of a successful business plan
  • How to do an effective presentation that has people say “YES” to your proposal
  • Build the mindset & confidence necessary to grow a business
  • A time management system to make all areas of your life work
  • The keys to increasing productivity and producing consistent results for yourself and your business
  • Learn the specific formula to fill your classes & get into schools
  • Get past the fear of selling & get paid what you’re worth
Inspiration, Support, Confidence & Breakthroughs!

A mentor once told Loraine, your level of success is only limited by your self-concept! What could you achieve with new levels of confidence? On-going inspiration? Constant support? And 6 weeks of continuous breakthroughs! It’s time to find out!

Join Loraine for a 6 week transformational journey to new levels of success in the Zenergy Business Programme. Master the tools and techniques that will forward your success.

Personal development breakthroughs:
  • Develop your mindset
  • Break the limitations of your self concept
  • Be true to your authentic self
  • Inspire others to take action
  • Create an environment that supports the fulfillment of your courses and classes
  • The programme is designed to have you be part of an on-going team and community of those with a similar mindset where you can hold and support each other to reaching new heights. You’ll be surrounded by a group of high energy, like minded, and fun people in a supportive environment that will embrace your full potential and lift you to new levels of success over the next 6 weeks.

6 Week Programme
Starting 20 October 2020 – 24 November 2020
Tuesday 5.00pm – 7.00pm
See course structure below.


6 x Weekly Virtual, Live & Interactive Training Modules,
Weekly Action Plan, Resources, including: Business Planning Template, Marketing template & Sample Material, Step by Step How To Guides, Presentation Scripts, Pricing Guidelines and lots lots more.
On going support with your community as part of a private FB group.

Cost: Full Price: $1195

Early Bird Rate: $995 (Book by 21 Sept)



Do you want to build a profitable business, doing what you love and that will impact lives and make a positive difference to the world?
Then this course is for you.

This limited and exclusive opportunity is only available to a select group of Zenergy graduates.

“I am sitting in my beautiful yoga studio, purpose-built for children, and reflecting on how grateful I am to Loraine and the team for inviting me to be part of the Zenergy Leadership Programme. Since becoming part of this life changing programme, my studio has flourished beyond belief, I have quit my draining day job, created a beautiful balance for myself and my family, formed life long relationships with phenomenal leaders in the field of Yoga for children and am actually making an abundant living off the one thing I love to do the most, teaching Yoga to hundreds and hundreds of young spirits.”

– Monica, South Coast NSW

“We launched our first holiday classes and sold them out with over 40 kids.”

Rachael & Francine, Funky Monkey Yoga, NSW

“Participating in the ZLP had me stop procrastinating and get into action to create my Children’s Yoga business and the first payment I received from a school was for $1,500.00!! “

Suava, Mudgee

“I had an entire term of classes booked in term 3 ranging from a whole school of R to 7s, 2 kindy sessions, weekly teen, family and adults classes. I had booked 3 kindys for term 4 before the term started, 6 sessions a week for 6 to 8 weeks. I have 4 kindy sessions booked for Term 1.”

Tammy, SA

“Through my participation in the ZLP I have gone from not teaching any yoga classes at all to building TWO yoga businesses! I got myself an Audi TT , built two websites, have had an article published in a magazine and have several private clients. I have developed greater self belief, amazing skills and now have an outstanding peer group of likeminded people to mastermind with.”

Sharon, VIC

“In my corporate yoga business, I’ve stopped selling yoga one class at a time and now only offer 6 week programmes at $1200 per person. My highlight is that I couldn’t believe that I, as a yoga teacher, earned $870 per hour delivering yoga at numerous wellness days for Commonwealth Bank.”

Simone, NSW