Yoga Therapy – The Way to Instant Results

‘I can breathe! The ringing in my ears has stopped! My headache’s completely gone! I just poo’d after weeks of being constipated!’ These are a few of the comments you may hear at the Yoga Therapy Training course weekend.
Last week I shared about the profound impact I see Yoga Therapy has on children and teens and discussed why and how Yoga Therapy is different to general Yoga classes for kids.
This weekend I got to experience again how quickly Yoga Therapy works, but not on children, I witnessed the impact on a room full of adults. It was during one of my Teacher Training courses on sharing how to use yoga therapy for the top 10 issues children are dealing with today. We looked at issues such as asthma, diabetes, ADD, lower back issues, scoliosis, digestive issues, bed wetting, low self-esteem, stress and anxiety and coughs, colds and sore throats.
The first signal that it was working for the group was during the first 3 hours, when one participant shared that she had arrived with a head cold and had been feeling terrible for the previous few days. After doing the yoga therapy exercises to unblock the large intestine, the organ linked to a head cold, her sinuses unblocked, her temperature went down and she felt the best she’d felt in days. A similar result occurred one year ago when I ran the course in New York. A teacher who had suffered from blocked sinuses most of her adult life felt a sudden openness in her nasal passage allowing her to smell for the first time in years. She described it as a ‘minty freshness,’ which I loved.
I have seen back issues improve, sore throats disappear, migraines go away, and even tinnitus eliminated – and this all within minutes of doing the right yoga therapy exercises.
A stand-out moment during a Yoga Therapy training course was the overnight healing of a heavily pregnant woman. She’d arrived with a very sore knee that was bruised and swollen and was causing her pain to move around. During day one of the training course, we happened to be doing exercises to fix stomach problems, which also related to the outside of the knee. The next day, Deborah arrived at the course beaming and excited. Not only had the swelling on her knee gone down, but so had the bruising. She said that the best part was her 5 year old daughter who told her, “Mummy, I’m so happy you aren’t in pain anymore.”
Everyday I teach Yoga Therapy, I know the benefit it is having and am so grateful that hundreds of people are also learning these skills to heal themselves, their families and the children in their communities. This is the gift of Yoga Therapy. Can you imagine if every child and teen had these tools at their fingertips!
To experience the magic of Yoga Therapy for yourself, come and join us at one of the upcoming courses:

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