Yoga 4 Schools


The Zenergy For Schools Program is the leading provider of Yoga to Schools in Australia. We have over 20 years of experience with over 10,000 hours of classroom time and our programs have been delivered to 1,000′s of children of all ages. Loraine Rushton was one of the first instructors to bring yoga into the Australian School System.

Prior to beginning her career in Yoga, Loraine was an international English teacher and Teacher Trainer. Her unique combination as both a teacher and a Yoga instructor makes her uniquely qualified for instructing children as well as developing and designing courses for the needs of children in a classroom setting.

Unlike most Yoga classes for children, which simply adapt adult yoga, the Zenergy for Schools Program is designed and built specifically for children. It is designed to “unlock that potential in every child, so they believe in themselves and shine their light out into the world.” With a focus on children’s yoga combined with personal development, everything in a Zenergy for Schools Program is designed to make a difference and have a lasting impact on the children while at the same time capturing their attention in a meaningful, entertaining, and educational manner.

The Zenergy for Schools Program is tried and tested, with a fully developed curriculum and specific syllabuses for grades K-12. The success and impact of the programs can be seen in the fact that once a school starts one of Zenergy’s programs, they keep it for years!

All of our teachers are fully qualified, insured, and accredited yoga teachers with extensive specialised training in working with children and teens.

“The students who participate in our programs benefit from self-confidence, discipline, self-esteem, and physical well-being that can benefit them now and for years to come.”

Benefits to the school

  • A fully set up turn-key program that is designed, implemented and run by Zenergy Yoga. Once you have booked us we take care of the rest.
  • A calming, relaxing impact on the community of the school.
  • A well-rounded educational experience benefiting the entire student body mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Our program fulfils on the requirements of the Health and Physical Education curriculum.
  • Our program can currently fulfil on the’Sport,’ ‘Active Lifestyle,’ ‘Growth & Development,’ ‘Interpersonal Relationships,’ ‘Safe Living’ and ‘Personal Health Choices’ tracks of the PDHPE Syllabus.
  • Our program can currently fulfil on the ‘Health and Physical Education,’ ‘Interpersonal Development,’ ‘Personal Learning’ and ‘Communication’ tracks of the VELS Syllabus.

Benefits to the students

  • The students who participate in our programs benefit from self-confidence, discipline, self-esteem, social development, and physical well-being that can benefit them now and for years to come.
  • The students develop the mental and psychological capacities for dealing with the challenges of life. Through increased self-understanding, they develop control over their thought processes, increased tranquillity, and happiness.


Shannen Innis

I found doing yoga for a term was great for my physical, emotional and mental health. The movement gave me flexibility, the meditation gave me peace of mind to realize things I had been thinking (negative, positive & confused.) All of yoga gave me a healthier self esteem and now I feel great!

Sarah Brown

Usually each term I’m quite stressed, but since doing yoga I haven’t been stressed at all! It is amazing how calm I feel. I have enjoyed learning about how to control our thoughts. I am much happier from it. Thanks so much!


Yoga this term really helped me feel less stressed about the things that I used to get so worried and stressed about. It was great. I also felt really relaxed.


It was really relaxing. Calmed me down each week. Made school bearable. Thank you.

Stephanie Fyleby (Teacher )

I thank you Loraine for a fantastic time doing yoga with you….not only yoga but teaching the kids about the messages we send ourselves. I am sure they have listened and it will help them. It was great.