Yoga 4 Kids

Yoga for healthy young bodies and minds

Zenergy For Kids provides children of all ages with an unwavering belief in themselves and a strong physical, mental and emotional foundation that lasts for their entire life.

Every class is a learning experience in which children gain the tools to build, develop, and maintain a healthy body and happy mind. Each class weaves in specialised yoga, age-appropriate breathing exercises, healthy nutrition, empowerment techniques and meditation.

Zenergy Programs are designed to make a difference and have a lasting impact, while at the same time capturing the children’s attention in a meaningful, entertaining and educational manner.

Through courses, classes, workshops and camps children learn invaluable skills that set the groundwork for facing new challenges and growing strong physically, mentally, emotionally and cultivating self-esteem for life.


Zenergy Yogis: (4 – 8 years old)

Zenergy Yogis is a unique kids program, designed to introduce yoga at an early age in a playful, educational and fun way. The philosophy behind Zenergy Yoga is to teach and educate the ‘whole child’ in a non-competitive, safe environment, allowing them to feel happy and secure about their perfect selves. Classes incorporate: Yoga for yogis, breathing exercises, relaxations, guided visualisations, massage, reading, stories, music, creative arts and yoga games, whilst working therapeutically with little growing and developing bodies.

Zenergy Tweens: (9 – 12 years old)

Developing the minds and growing bodies of 9-12 year olds, Zenergy Tweens sets the foundation for physical strength, emotional balance, happiness, and overall well-being. Classes benefit the entire child, leaving them feeling comfortable in their bodies and recognizing the perfection in who they are. Classes incorporate: Yoga for tweens, stretching, body awareness, learning how the body works, strengthening yoga exercises, specific therapeutic exercises for special needs, understanding the breath and breath work, fun partner work, yoga games, guided visualisations, storytelling, music, massage and relaxation. Tweens will learn to relax, improve their concentration and focus, release tension and become more at peace with themselves.

Zenergy Teens: (13 – 17 years old)

Zenergy Teens is a specialised program designed to build self-confidence, discipline, self-esteem, self-image, social development, physical well-being and emotional intelligence. Classes incorporate: Yoga for teens, body awareness, understanding the body systems, specific exercises for common aliments, breathing techniques to calm the body and mind, techniques to de-stress, personal development, self-empowerment, creative writing, partner work, massage, relaxation and meditation.


Danya (5 year old Yoga Student)

You are the best Yoga teacher in the galaxy! You are the nicest person. I Love you. You are very caring and I am very happy about you. You are very pretty and beautiful.

Christina, Kali, Krystan & Samantha, Year 7

Yoga relaxes your body, mind and soul. Yoga drains away stress and pressure so you can enjoy the rest of your day. Yoga is a lot of fun, and we think every school should have it!

Bianca, Elly, Emy, Rebecca & Renee, Year 8

Yoga’s an opportunity for the girls in the college to exercise their mind and body. Through courses of meditation, stretching and learning to expand our minds, we’re able to forget all stress-related problems.

Amy, Year 9

Yoga has been a great help. It’s made me more flexible, helped me strengthen my muscles and given me a time to relax and just find myself within.

Kate, Year 10

Ever since I started yoga at Stella Maris, I’ve noticed that I’ve felt considerably less stressed and there is less tension in my body. For me, it is a fun, great way to exercise both physically and mentally.

Monique & Fergus (Saskia’s Parents)

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us ! …I can see Saskia getting stronger…we really appreciate it.