Tools that last a lifetime.

Imagine if someone taught you at a young age, how to get to sleep at night when you felt anxious, or how to calm your nerves when you felt afraid, or what to do to be the most confident, best, you you could be? I have the privilege and great joy of being able to share this with children.
One of the best gifts yoga provides is the knowledge to stay present and calm in any situation, and if we lose our state of balance, how to bring ourselves back to a place of calm and happiness again.
These are the tools and lessons that become life-long gifts when we share them in yoga classes with kids and teens. The best yoga classes for children and teens are those that teach the wisdom yoga offers in an age appropriate way.
One of the best places to start with young children is how to switch from an unhappy mood to a happy one Teach them how to take control of their attitude to circumstances and situations and you will have given them the formula for a successful, happy life. Teens love learning how to take control of their health and emotional state. Teach them what to do for their digestive system, how to improve their skin and feel strong and calm inside and they will thrive. Children with special needs benefit from simple and effective tools to quiet their minds, help them focus and deal with anxiety.
I witnessed this in action recently. I asked a school teacher how the yoga was impacting the special needs class and he said that it was very successful. “In what way,’ I replied. “Well, we don’t ever have any problems in the yoga class.” He answered. In yoga class time, I had only seen calm, well-behaved children, so I had no idea that there were daily incidents of behaviour issues, anger outbursts, hitting and throwing of chairs.
The tools for that class were working so well, that when one boy had an outburst so huge that the teachers thought he would have to go into lock down to stop hurting himself and the others, the teacher laid him down on his back and did a breathing exercise I did with him weekly. It worked like magic and he calmed down.
This is the priceless gift of teaching yoga to children, in that you get to help them from such a young age with tools that last a lifetime.

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