New Year, New Attitude: Leading your students into the New Year

Do your students have an attitude? Of course they do, but the question is – have you helped them develop a positive one? One that will lead them to a successful, happy life, or are they on a default mode… Read More »

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No more Sleepless Nights.

How To Get Restless Children To Sleep

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Behaviour Begins In The Mind

“How can I help the students in the school with behavioural issues,” the teacher asked. “Through a simple 3 step process, “ I answered. This was a question I’ve heard time and time again, but something was different this time.… Read More »

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Tools that last a lifetime.

Imagine if someone taught you at a young age, how to get to sleep at night when you felt anxious, or how to calm your nerves when you felt afraid, or what to do to be the most confident, best,… Read More »

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Yoga Therapy – The Way to Instant Results

‘I can breathe! The ringing in my ears has stopped! My headache’s completely gone! I just poo’d after weeks of being constipated!’ These are a few of the comments you may hear at the Yoga Therapy Training course weekend. Last… Read More »

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Yoga vs Yoga Therapy – What Is The Difference?

Yoga vs Yoga Therapy – what is the difference? The answer is quite simple: ‘Yoga’ usually refers to a combination of general yoga poses, done with breath and includes stand alone specific breathing exercises along with relaxation or meditation. When… Read More »

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Breaking through the Teenage Mind

Ever feel you are not getting anywhere when talking to a teenager? One of the most common comments uttered by a teenager will be “I don’t know,” usually when asked about how they feel or about their future possibilities. It’s… Read More »

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Profound Moments of Presence

Because of a timetable change, my new favourite morning is Wednesday because that is when I go to teach yoga to the group of special needs students at the local special needs school. Every week when I open the classroom… Read More »

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Lee-Anne O’Brien


Lee-Anne has wide experience teaching powerful and life changing classes to children aged 3 to 17. With 3 children of her own, her passion is to help children believe in the limitless possibilities life presents and know that there is… Read More »

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Sam Hillier


Sammi is honoured and delighted to have had the opportunity to guide 1000′s of adults and children through yoga and meditation. Having worked with Loraine for almost ten years, her experience and infectious energy allows the individual to find the… Read More »

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