Loraine’s Articles that have appeared in:


AYJ Issue 60

The Magic of Mindfulness

Give children the gifts of learning how to calm their minds, practice deep relaxation, reduce anxiety and nurture genuine happiness.


AYJ Issue 59

Sacred Cycles

Empowering teenage girls during their transformation to womanhood will help reduce negativity and encourage healthy menstruation.


AYJ Issue 58

Self Promotion

Teach children the precious art of self-love from a young age and watch them reap the benefits of increased self-confidence and self-belief.


AYJ Issue 57

New Year New Attitude

Guide your child into 2017 with a positive mindset and the ability to create a calm, content and happy life … moment by moment.


AYJ Issue 56

Holly Jolly Yoga Christmas

Delight the children in your life with a gift that truly lasts a lifetime… the gift of yoga.


AYJ Issue 55

Hearts and Minds

Help Children foster internal calm and happiness with a few easy yogic techniques


AYJ Issue 54

Spring Cleaning

The top six ways to spring clean your body


AYJ Issue 53

Master Minds

Help Children develop mental calm and mindful happiness


AYJ Issue 52

Yoga Nidra

The secret to nurturing calm, contented kids


AYJ Issue 50

Past, Present & Future

YOGA: A foundation of focus and clarity for children


AYJ Issue 49

MIND Gains

Develop discipline in children with a regular yoga practice


AYJ Issue 47

The Difference of Discipline

Renowned yoga teacher Loraine Rushton reveals the profound difference yoga is making to our troubled youth


AYJ Issue 46

Teen Angst

Five simple tools to deal with teenage anxiety


AYJ Issue 45

Confidence Booster

Develop your child’s confidence and self-esteem


AYJ Issue 44

Mummy, I can’t sleep

How to get restless children down


AYL Issue 48

This Yoga Life

Listening to the footsteps outside and the unusual hush that settled over the school, I sensed this would be no ordinary yoga class.