About Us

Zenergy Yoga is the premier provider of quality children’s yoga programs throughout Australia and around the world. Zenergy’s mission is to impact the lives of millions of children and teenagers worldwide. Founded 15 years ago by Loraine Rushton when the concept of children’s yoga was a new idea and misunderstood by most, Zenergy Yoga was a pioneering and visionary organization establishing the benefits of Children’s yoga. Today Zenergy is committed to Setting The Standard of Children’s Yoga Worldwide.

In doing this, Zenergy delivers Yoga Programs for Children and Teens, runs Teacher Training Courses on how to teach yoga to children, participates in Professional Learning for school teachers and provides Yoga Programs in schools throughout Australia that promote and spread the benefits of yoga to children.

Zenergy Yoga established the foundation for Children’s Yoga in Australia and was the major influence in introducing Yoga into the Australian School System. Zenergy began delivering yoga programs in schools back in 1999. We are the longest running, most experienced and highest regarded provider of children’s yoga education in Australia. Loraine has personally taught over 10,000 hours of children’s yoga, to 1,000’s of children and teens of all ages and has trained hundreds of teachers around the world.

Zenergy and Loraine are highly sought after for their expertise on the benefits of Yoga for Children and Teens. They have been featured in ABC’s Yoga For Kids DVD and CD, in the 2002 & December 2011 issue of Australian Yoga Life, the December 2012 issue of Australian Yoga Journal, in conferences and events, such as ACHPER ( Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation,) and in training professional development days for school teachers for Pearson and Teacher Training Australia.